Ayugarcis Hair Care Oil

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  • Suitable for All hair types and age groups
  • Prepared using Cold Pressed Coconut Oil with 100% Natural actives
  • Red Onion & Black seed make it highly powerful
  • Supported by Indian Gooseberry, Fenugreek , Mehandi , Hibiscus , Almonds &  other natural ingredients.
  • Controls – Dandruff issues , Spilt hair issues , Hair thinning issues , Premature greying & finally Hair loss issues .
  • Improves Scalp health , Nourishes Hair roots and Strengthens Hair
  • Regular use helps for Better sleep and wellness
  • Proven results for more than 90% of our customers .
  • Gives confidence from the first day of use itself
  • Introductory price INR 599 including GST for 100 ml bottle


Natural!!! this hair care oil is an infinite blend of nature’s love and special herbs. it has several advantages for people who are suffering due to severe hair problems. Now a days most people suffer to protect their hair and skin from pollution and lifestyle changes. Hence, we found AYUGARCIS infinite beauty support. the use of one bottle will definitely show you miracle. we are not mentioning any particular properties for this fascinating hair care oil because, it has infinite benefits for your every hair problems.

1 review for Ayugarcis Hair Care Oil

  1. rupesh s

    i lost my hair loss in 20 days. thank you

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