Our Story

“I don’t remember the Salon name , but this incident has an important connection to how I ventured into this , says Greeshma Rajesh, founder of the brand Ayurgacis which is into unisex haircare & skincare products

Infinite Beauty Support is the tagline of our brand Ayugarcis , which takes us to the brand origin story and what made her attempt these product segments .

” It was during 2018 Summer ”, says Greeshma that she experienced a serious concern related to her Hair for the second time  .

After routine Hair care at Salon, she had developed an itching sensation on the scalp . “ Was a sleepless night for me “, she adds .

“Oh , my saloon” !!!! was my expression . It was dandruff once again, the villain  !!  ” . Further she consulted a doctor and got prescriptions of a medicated shampoo. But it didn’t help and to add more worries , she started losing hair, had split ends and “ I felt like shaving off my hair at this point “ Greeshma remembers .

” It was then I remembered a similar  incident in 2012 “ she adds . ” My dearest Grandma who is no longer with us now , with a single inspection of my scalp  could find out my scalp related issue .  She advised my mother to make Natural Oil using Coconut oil , some medicinal herbs and other natural ingredients. During such scalp infections these were supposed to be the best remedies in olden time , it seems I had to wait for a day to start using this , because Grandma said the oil needs to cool and settle down well to get the best benefits out of it “, remembers Greeshma .

She started using it a day after the preparation . Believe it or not , within 2 days it started working for her . ” My scalp itching problem really stopped and I had a better feeling for my hair altogether. Further I realised that within 7 days my hair loss totally stopped and I also realised that within a month , my curly hair length had gotten better . This was one of my precious moments in life , where my joys knew no limits ” !! 

” So now when this occured again after a very long time , I didn’t have to think twice but to ask my mother to prepare this  Special Oil for me . I was really delighted as Grandma’s remedy worked once again . I have decided to use this regularly and also spoke to my friends about this , where most of them were facing similar concerns for some time . All of them wanted to try and then I requested my mother to prepare some quantity and I distributed it to my friends,” she added.

Now the magic had different dimensions to it . Within 10 days of usage, most of those who used the oil came back with their great experiences. Getting Better sleep, Hair darkening, Dandruff control , New follicles on friend’s brother’s prematurely – bald head. And to top it up, says Greeshma , ” My close friend who had been facing Sinusitis for a long time, had a big relief from it , after using the oil . This was really awesome ”  , she said .

” As there were many results which I still felt as if they were magic , I started big dreams of offering the possibilities of this oil to many people who might be suffering from any of these difficulties in their life also which might have affected their confidence levels manyfold . I started thinking and discussed with my family members on launching this formulation as a Product which might be a real support to many people ”. I continued sampling small bottles of Oil to my friends, relatives and their references also to get more Customer experiences ” , she says . ” All the great results for most of them gave me infinite confidence in thinking about a Small business plan with this product so that I can SHOUT OUT to millions of desperate individuals facing such concerns .Of Course there are products available in the market , but I really wanted to make a serious try . ”  she says with confidence .

Unfortunately the 2019 Worldwide pandemic has taken away close to an year plus time to launch this. However she believes that ” There is a right time for everything to happen and now I think , it’s time to reveal this MAGICAL PRODUCT to the open market also . Whoever tested this , the Oil was giving abundant results for both Male and Females alike . Hence I thought of communicating about this product as a Unisex Hair care product  during the launch “. 

Her request to anyone having any of the Hair related adverse conditions , Scalp Infections ,Poor sleep , Early baldness and even Sinusitis , is to try a single bottle of this Magical , Natural , NO Preservatives added  Hair oil and see how this is working for you. CLICK HERE TO BUY THE MAGICAL HAIR OIL  .

” I am sure that this is going to help you big time . All the best and stay blessed.”

In today’s scenario , Body and Face care is also a big problem for all ages and gender .  Greeshma is now in the process of an R & D on the best Natural Skin Care remedies by understanding the age-old Natural ways and testing it . ” There’s nothing harmful in these preparations, being almost 100% natural ” , she says 

Those Magical Revolutionary Skin Care Products are expected to be launched soon . Stay tuned . Enjoy using our products .